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django-fragments Docs

In active development

Expect breaking changes.

Invoke via {% load fragments %} but note conventions

Some notes from :

  1. Checking for the required number of arguments, etc., has already been done by the time our function is called, so we don’t need to do that.
  2. The quotes around the argument (if any) have already been stripped away, so we receive a plain string.
  3. If the argument was a template variable, our function is passed the current value of the variable, not the variable itself.
Simple tag conventions
{% icon
{# won't work, multiline tags are not supported in Django #}

{% icon name='x_mark_mini' parent_title="{{variable}}" %}
{# won't work, the variable needs to be passed directly #}

{% icon name='x_mark_mini' parent_title=variable %}
{# works #}

{% with variable='This is a title' %}
  {% icon name='x_mark_mini' parent_title=variable %}
{% endwith %}
{# works #}


fragment note
{% themer %} overrideable theme switcher, affecting <html class=?>
{% icon %} idiomatic <svg> combiner with neighboring / parent tags
{% hput %} optional inline validated <input>, is widget-tweakable
{% nava %} Uses format_html to output an <a> element fit for desktop/mobile navbar links
{% curr %} Outputs string aria-current=page if url is current

Open Graph

fragment note
{% og_title %} Adds to <title> and related open graph tags
{% og_desc %} Adds to <meta name=description> and related open graph tags
{% og_img %} Adds image-related open graph tags


fragment note
{% whitespaceless %} Remove "space between tags and text", outside {% spaceless %} scope.
{% htmx_csrf %} Adds idiomatic hx-header=csrf-token-variable

These are partial templates, originally meant for a Django boilerplate, refactored out as independent library.

Extra Utils

  1. is_htmx
  2. Filtering of Attributes
  3. Wrap Icon Processing